Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Pipe Leak in Athens, TN

A slow pipe leak can be as devastating as a massive pipe burst. When a pip leaks slowly, it can sometimes take a long time to notice - usually after the damage ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Books-A-Million

Disasters are not only in residential homes. This Books-A-Million had a pipe burst that resulted in water seeping through the walls into the carpet of the main ... READ MORE

Water Heater Burst in Athens, TN

Water heaters are wonderful luxuries - until they go rogue. This home was affected by a water heater busting, flooding the upper and lower levels of the home. U... READ MORE

Washing Machine Overflow, Athens, TN

Washing machines aren't made to wash floors, but this one missed the memo! This machine flooded not only the laundry room, but also the living room and closet. ... READ MORE

Flooded Carpet in Athens, TN

This flooded living room was a result of a busted pipe. We were able to extract all the water from this flooded living room, saving the carpet. Once we extract ... READ MORE