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White house that has been hit by strong storm with owner walking in front yard.

We Are Always Here

When the unthinkable happens and everything you have begins to fall apart, we are here to help! Regardless if you experience storm, water, or fire damage, we are here when you need us. Together, we will get you back on your feet and will get the restoration process started! 

Water damage on ceiling causing discoloration at local business.

Business Has Leak In Roof

A local business faced water damage from a leaky roof after a severe storm hit the area. The heavy rain seeped in and traveled from the roof down into the internal walls and ceiling as pictured. Our team was able to remedy the situation and get the business back up and running.

Hardwood flooring that has been restored and shined in home.

Like It Never Even Happened

When you choose SERVPRO, you can rest assured that your belongings and property will be taken care of from start to finish. You would never have known that this hardwood faced water damage not too long ago. Our team at SERVPRO did a great job restoring the floors and the home itself, leaving the owners satisfied! 

SERVPRO equipment sitting in garage floor that was flooded from a storm's heavy rain.

Storm Floods Garage

Storms are never fun! They bring nasty winds and rain that can cause flash flooding. This garage was hit with a flash flood during a recent heavy rain/storm that swept the area. Our team was able to arrive quickly and set up the equipment necessary to dry out the garage and the owner's belongings. 

Living room of a recent house fire with rubble sitting on the floor covered in black soot.

House Fire Devastates Owner

A recent fire consumed a local home and devastated the owners. A fire is bad enough, but the cleanup after a fire is where the rubber meets the road. Hours were spent cleaning and scrubbing remaining items that were salvageable and removing soot and smoke odor.

Living room that has been burned in a house fire with black soot on walls and on belongings.

Homeowner Faces Worst Nightmare

House fires are devastating. A local homeowner lost more than just belongings in a recent house fire which consumed her home. House fires are fairly preventable if proper precautions are taken. However, sometimes accidents and disasters happen with no warning. If this happens to you, we are here to help!

SERVPRO equipment sitting in floor of Spring City, Tennessee's courtroom.

Spring City Officals Trust SERVPRO

Spring City, Tennessee, is a beautiful part of our local community. It's courthouse faced water damage from a leak in their courtroom recently. Our team at SERVPRO was able to remedy the situation, ensure no mold growth developed, and left with happy people who take care of the citizens of our community. 

SERVPRO equipment sitting in floor of local board of education that was flooded.

Board of Education Trusts SERVPRO

The local Board of Education was hit with water damage recently. Our team at SERVPRO was able to be there quickly and we were able to restore their meeting area(s) to their original state. Like the Board of Education, other members of our community trust us to be there when disaster strikes. 

Textured ceiling with apparent water damage from a leak around light fixture.

Storm's Heavy Rain Causes Leak For Homeowner

A recent storm that brought heavy rainfall caused a water leak through the roof and into the ceiling and drywall of a local homeowner's dining room. This leak was significant and required the texture to be scraped, the drywall to be repaired, and the owners to repaint and fix their roof.

Leak in hallway restroom that has obviously affected the paint and flooring as some pieces are missing.

Baptist Church Has Water Damage

A local baptist church encountered a major leak in their hallway due to faulty pipes/plumbing. They had to repalce their flooring and after our team dried the place out, they repainted the room. 

Vinyl flooring that faced water damage and has missing sections that were wet.

Dental Office Gets Hit With Water Damage

A local dental office came in to a nasty surprise one morning. Their pipes had burst and had flooded a good majority of the front part of the office and hallway. They had to remove the vinyl flooring, repair the subfloor, and add new flooring to replace the damaged. Our team was able to dry the practice out quickly and efficiently, leaving no risk for mold growth in the future. They are back open and serving the community now.

Warehouse with water pooled in lower part of file holding area.

Water Damage Strikes Local Business

A local business was hit with water damage coming from an internal leaky pipe. The water damage entered areas that were very important to the business including their filing. Our team was able to come quickly and help dry out the area and prevent mold and further damage from happening in the future.

SERVPRO equipment sitting in customer's bathroom pointing at the leaky pipes under the cabinet.

A Leaky Pipe Caused Headache For Local Homeowner

A local homework recently came home from work to find their bathroom and partial hallway flooded with water from a leaky pipe in their bathroom. The leaky pipe was located under the sink and effected the cabinets as well as the flooring of the respective room(s). Our team arrived quickly and got the restoration started fast, and now the homeowners are able to use their bathroom again with no leaks or mold from the water damage.

SERVPRO equipment sitting in hallway of a home that has faced water damage to their flooring.

Water Damage Forces Owners To Tear Out Carpet

A local homeowner had to deal with a nasty leak from a water heater which led to water damage throughout their hallway in their home. This water damage forced the owners to rip up the original carpet and vinyl flooring. Our team came in shortly after it happened to begin the drying and restoration process.

Flooded carpet folded up and subfloor drying

Water Damage Strikes Local Homeowner's Bedroom

A local homeowner faced water damage as a result of localized flooding during times of heavy rainfall recently. The water entered along the exterior of the home and soaked the carpet that was in their bedroom. The carpet had to be removed and the subfloor had to be dried with SERVPRO industrial fans while the cleanup and restoration process began.

Flooded Basement With Apparent Water On Floor

Leaky Shower Floods Downstairs of Local Home

A new shower that wasn't sealed properly caused a lot of headache for a local homeowner. The water ran out of the upstairs shower and into the downstairs, eventually flooding the space and causing damage to the stored belongings in the basement. As soon as they were called, our team of water damage restoration experts at SERVPRO arrived and helped clean up the damage fast!

Water Damage Affected The Flooring Of A Local Office

Local Office Faces Flooding

There was localized flooding that affected a commercial office here in Athens, TN. The water damage happened overnight and was realized the next morning. Our team of restoration experts were able to arrive and begin the process quickly and efficiently. The client was pleased with the quick and effective results. 

group meeting in conference room

West Polk Fire And Rescue Education Meeting

We enjoyed partnering with West Polk Fire and Rescue in serving our community when disaster strikes. 

west polk county fire and rescue sign

West Polk Fire And Rescue Education Meeting

We enjoyed partnering with West Polk Fire and Rescue in serving our community when disaster strikes. 

Mold Around Electrical Box on white cinder block wall

Mold Growth Around Electrical Box

Mold developed as a result of a leaky pipe around this electrical box. 

water leak in basement along wall

Water Damage Restoration Begins

Our team began the restoration process as soon as they arrived. 

mold in basement in corner of cinderblock walls

Mold Development From A Water Pipe

As you can see, mold developed as a result of a leaky pipe in a local homeowner's basement.

mold growth on water pipe in basement

Busted Water Pipe next to cinder block wall

This homeowner's pipe was damaged and resulted in a nasty leak which led to mold development. 

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Ceiling Water Damage in Athens, TN

This is a great telltale sign that you may have a water leak. When you see your ceiling start to bubble or come loose, it's a good sign that you may been to check for any leaks coming in from the roof. Leaks like this can be slow and take some time to show up, but if they aren't treated, they can result in a damaged ceiling and even mold.  

Moldy Ceilings

This is a great example of what can happen when mold isn't treated in an efficient manner. When you see mold starting to develop, be sure to call SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties as soon as possible. For this job, we were brought in to remove the mold, which involved a lot of demo, and spray for further mold prevention. 

Meet Gumbi!

Meet our newest fleet addition! This is Gumbi, the new Marketing Specialist vehicle. While he's missing some decals right now, Gumbi will be fully outfitted and ready to very soon. Be sure to honk when you see Gumbi driving down the road! 

Electrical Fire in Athens, TN

The Sliger home in Athens, TN suffered an electrical fire in their laundry room. Fortunately, they were able to extinguish the fire early before it affected the home further. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties was brought in to clean the minor smoke damage in the kitchen and do the demo and clean-up in the affected laundry room. The Sligers were very impressed with how quickly we were on site to start work!

Thankful for Our Customers!

Greek Bearing Gifts was involved in the fire in Downtown Athens. They were so happy with our work that they had window art painted in our honor for their Grand Re-Opening in November!  

Athens Downtown Fire

This is a photo of a local business after a massive fire damage affected a block of Historic Downtown Athens. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties worked in shifts almost 24/7 to get the damage alleviated as quickly as possible so local businesses could get their stores up and running again. Stores like Greek Bearing Gifts and Johnson's Furniture couldn't believe how hard and well we work to get things done!