Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Leaves Owners Shaken

A local house fire completely destroyed the owners' belongings including furniture, clothes, and electronics. Our SERVPRO team arrived after the flames were ext... READ MORE

Fire Starts In Basement

A fire was started in a homeowner's basement as a result of equipment malfunction. After the fire department left, our team at SERVPRO was able to help the owne... READ MORE

Fire Strikes After Move In

A recent homeowner faced his worst nightmare when he came home to realize his home was engulfed in flames. Our SERVPRO team was able to arrive after the flames ... READ MORE

Entertaining Area Floods

A local entertaining area and lounge was affected by a flood. The room's carpets were soaked and needed to be dried and restored to avoid mold growth. Our team ... READ MORE

Basement Floods Around Hot Water Heaters

A local basement was hit with nasty water intrusion around the back wall of their basement. This water intrusion seeped in around the hot water heaters in the c... READ MORE

Transport Bus Faces Water Damage

A local transport bus faced water damage due to a leaky roof. Our SERVPRO team arrived, cleaned and dried the area, and ensured no mold growth would develop now... READ MORE

Basement Floods During Rain Storm

A recent rain storm flooded a homeowner's basement. This water intrusion affected the flooring, walls, and some of the owner's tools and equipment. Our team at ... READ MORE

Conference Room Faces Flood

A local conference room was hit with a flood recently. Our SERVPRO team arrived quickly and began the restoration process. 

McMinn Board of Education Faces Water Damage

The Mc Minn County Board of Education faced water damage from a leaky roof during a rain storm. Our team at SERVPRO arrived quickly and dried the area to ensure... READ MORE

Panelling Affected By Fire

A local homeowner faced a house fire which affected their living room paneling on the walls. Our team at SERVPRO was able to come and remove the smoke and soot ... READ MORE