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Commercial Structure Damage Caused By Mold

12/12/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on ground by radiator. Mold on ground by radiator.

Mold primarily grows because of indoor moisture and spreads on your walls, furniture, floor, carpet, etc. It can cause significant damage. The reason is that wherever mold grows, it weakens that structure, and eventually, it rots. As a result, it can cause heavy structural damage. So, below we will discuss some of the dangerous aspects of mold and how it damages buildings. 

  1. Building material and structural components 

Wherever mold grows, it causes irreversible damage. It’s because when mold grows, it feeds on organic matter by breaking it down. As it spreads, it creeps its way toward the pipes, insulation, carpets, etc. Therefore, whichever office item gets plagued by mold, you need to discard it immediately. 

Groundwater or standing water can be a significant cause of mold in crawl spaces or in the basement. As seasons change, you will have air coming in your vents into your crawl space. In the summer, hot, humid air will raise the humidity level in your crawl space, leading to issues like moisture in the wall. Crawl space encapsulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing mold damage caused by indoor humidity.

  1. Damages property

A mold is like a parasite you can never really get rid of properly. Unfortunately, the cases of mold are worse in states that experience heavy rain.

Sometimes mold seeps into the object so deeply that it is impossible to remove its spores entirely. As a result, even if you clean it on the surface, the mold will grow and spread again in a matter of days.

  1. Spreads in the heating and vent system 

Mold contamination is not limited to walls and carpets. It can grow and spread into your ventilation and heating systems as well. Consequently, it becomes tough to clean the mold in such small and cramped systems thoroughly. As a result, the air ventilation or heating system carries the mold towards other parts of the building, where it can spread.

  1. Cause rotting and decay 

There are various types of molds, some more dangerous to the health and structure than others. The worst part is that molds can grow on any surface. Whether beams, sill, windows, etc., they are all susceptible to developing mold due to excess moisture. 

If you do not take appropriate action promptly, it can cause your wood to decay and rot. It will eventually ruin your structure, and its strength and integrity will become questionable.


Taking preventive measures will help prevent the growth. In case you still find mold growing in a neglected corner, hire professionals immediately. A professional can adequately assess the situation and use bio-friendly chemicals to remove your property’s mold and excess moisture. Call SERVPRO.

(source: https://www.hewnandhammered.com/)

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